An explosive day on the blog. What’s going on?

Hi, friends and readers:

Today has been the busiest day this blog has ever experienced. I had nearly twice the number of visitors I had on my previous record-breaking day, several weeks back, and the strange thing is: I can’t figure out why.

By far the most popular posts are those involving gay skateboarders and the skateboarding subculture. Posts about the fiction I’ve published are popular, too. And a lot of folks downloaded the photo I posted of Butler University basketball player, Gordon Hayward. (He is  awfully cute.)

As a result of this, I had many first-time visitors who’ve asked where they can buy my stories and books, so I’ll include such information in this post.

My novella, Maui, can be purchased directly from the publisher, Torquere Press. Here’s the book’s blurb:

When Ishmael Fanning, a Florida surfer and grade school teacher, gets dumped by his partner of seven years, he relocates to the Hawaiian island of Maui. There he quickly finds himself involved with two younger men, Corey, a competition surfer, and Spencer, who works in a skateboard shop.

Eventually, Ishmael must choose between Corey and Spencer, and it’s not an easy decision for him to make. Spencer’s not the brightest guy, but he has a sensitive side that appeals to Ishmael. Corey’s a prize-winning surfer, he’s got two years of college and he looks like a fashion model, but his sexual orientation troubles him.

Both Spencer and Corey want Ishmael as a lover. Which guy will Ishmael choose?

Here’s a link to the publishing house:

My novella, Love Quest, can be purchased directly from the publisher, Noble Romance Publishing. Here’s a blurb for Love Quest:

Eighteen year old Jamie Bliss ages out of the foster care system, a victim of repeated sexual abuses. After hustling tricks and living on the street for a time, Jamie enters into a couple of abusive relationships before meeting Evan and Frederick, a gay couple who become Jamie’s mentors. Can they help Jamie overcome his destructive past? His low self esteem? And when Evan introduces Jamie to Evan’s colleague, Jack, a young school teacher who pursues Jamie’s affection, can Jamie open his heart to Jack? Despite the bad cards life has dealt Jamie, is he still capable of love?

Here’s a link to the Noble Romance website:

If you visit either of these websites you’ll see I also have short fiction included in anthologies published by these houses, so you might want to try these as well. You might also visit the Cleis Press website, to have a look at the following erotic anthologies where my short fiction appears: These include Boy Crazy, Surfer Boys, and Daddies.  Here’s a link to the Cleis Press website:

My stories appear in two anthologies published by the STARbooks firm. The anthologies are titled: Sextime: Erotic Stories Of Time Travel, and Cruising For Bad Boys. Here’s a link to the STARboos website:

Okay, okay … I know everyone wants me to post another pic of a hot guy with his shirt off. This wouldn’t be a Martin Delacroix post without one, would it? So, here’s one I think you’ll all like …
Is everyone happy now? Isn’t the guy in the photo hot? (No, I mean sexually hot. Temperature-wise he is clearly hot. Look at that sweaty torso …)

It’s been a productive day for me. I made substantial progress on my new story; I’m  nearing completion of the first draft. I ran my errands in the city, met with my CPA to sign my income tax return. (I don’t owe any tax this year. Yes-s-s-s …) Then I returned to the island and took a three-mile run.

It’s warm, sunny and breezy out here tonight, just perfect for watching sunset with my neighbors. As I said this morning, I have no plans for this evening. I’ll make dinner and sit down with a book and a few glasses of wine, I believe. It’s a great way to spend a tropical Tuesday evening.

I’m pondering a trip to my fishing camp this weekend, but the weatherman says a cold front’s on its way to Florida, and Friday it’s supposed to turn cool and rainy — not good weather for boating and fishing. I’m going to wait and see. I have a friend who’s itching to go and he’s good company, so I’d like to go.

Okay, enjoy your Tuesday night, all.

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