Hot guy on the rocks …

Hi, friends and readers:

Ah-h-h, April in Florida. It’s beach weather here and everywhere you go on my island there are cute guys in boardshorts strolling about, showing off their stuff. I thought Spring Break ended last weekend, but apparently not, as the beach down the street from my house is still full of high school and college kids, from where I don’t know. And hey, I don’t mind. The sights are great!

I checked my blog stats a little while ago and I’m getting an abnormally large number of visits here today. As always, I don’t know why. I can’t discern any sort of pattern when these busy days occur.

Not a lot’s going on in my world today. After I finish my writing this morning I have to visit the city for a couple of appointments. I won’t be able to visit the YMCA because of this. (Oh, no!) So, I’ll take a run around one PM, then I’ll head into town and just stay there, as I’m having dinner with friends in the city this evening. Maybe I’ll do a little clothes shopping? When you live at the beach, you tend to neglect your clothing. Everyone here wears T-shirts, shorts and flip-flops. My wardrobe definitely needs upgraded, and since I’ll have an hour to kill, I guess I should pick up a few new shirts and maybe a pair of shorts.

It’s sunny and warm outside today, and I’m running my air conditioning ’cause it’s also kind of humid.

Anyway, enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

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