Hot guy getting naked in his bathroom; quiet times on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Someone sent me the photo I’ve posted here this morning and I really like it. I guess it was shot through a blue filter? Sorry, I don’t know much about photography, but I know what I like. Now, how come I don’t have such a young man wandering around my home? (Sigh …)

After all the madness of Spring Break and tourist season, things have finally quieted down on the island. Traffic’s back to normal, the beach is almost deserted, and there are parking spaces available at the supermarket. Amazing! I went to the YMCA yesterday and the place was pretty empty. I was the only person in the basketball gym, and I even had my own lap lane in the pool. I think I like it.

It’ll be a tame day for me. I’l write this morning, then I must drive into the city to run several errands and buy a few more clothing items to improve my pathetic wardrobe. (I hate buying clothes; I can never find what I want.)

Have a nice Tuesday, all.

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