Shirtless hunk in PJ bottoms …

Hi, friends and readers:

Some guys should never wear shirts, right? Like the guy in the photo I’ve posted here this morning. (Now, if he’d just ditch those PJ bottoms …)

Yesterday’s post about gay high school wrestlers is drawing a lot of visits on the blog today. As always, it’s a controversial topic. If I receive any interesting comments I’ll post excerpts later today or tomorrow.

I’m pondering a surfing junket to Brevard County this afternoon. I have not surfed since mid-November because the weather in Florida has been dreadful for the past six months: windy, cold and rainy. But things have calmed down and the sun is shining, plus they’re having a surfing competition in Melbourne Beach Saturday that might be interesting. If I go I’ll leave today and come home Saturday, but never fear: I’ll have my laptop with me so I can post on this blog and stay in touch with everyone.

It’s still pretty early in the day here. I’ll spend a couple of hours working on my new novel, then I’ll make up my mind if I’m leaving town. I have to admit, I’m itching to go.

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

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