Martin gets his board wet; nice day in Brevard County …

Hi, friends and readers:

I rose at six A.M. this morning, ate a breakfast bar, stolled to the dune crossover by The Pier and … no waves; not a single surfer in the water.  So I returned to my room and tried to nap, without success. (G-r-r-r-r …)

Around eight A.M. I returned to the crossover and … there were waves! Okay, they weren’t big and they were kinda mushy, but still, they were waves. I slipped into my spring suit, waxed up my board and had a nice, 90-minute session before the waves closed out. It sure felt good to be on  my board again. I caught several fine waves that gave me lengthy rides, and I felt great when I came ashore around ten A.M.

It’s been a lazy day for me otherwise. I grabbed lunch at a burger place, took a drive to Patrick Air Force Base to visit Second Light, one of Florida’s better surfing breaks, but no one was in the water. I bought wine for this evening, then I returned to my hotel and read by the swimming pool for an hour or so. I took a three-mile run, and now I’m lazing out in my room, taking care of correspondence and so forth. At four P.M. I’m declaring it Happy Hour and opening a beer. I have a feeling I’ll crash early tonight, which is fine. Tomorrow morning I want to surf again before checking out of the hotel and returning to the Gulf Coast.

I hope everyone’s having a nice Friday. The weekend’s here!

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