Gay skateboarder’s “coming out” story …

Hi, friends and readers:

This morning I woke to find a comment sent to this blog by a skateboarder in Richmond, VA named Beau, age eighteen. He works as a stocking clerk at Target, lives with his folks, does not drink alcohol but does smoke weed. He said the following:

“I visit your blog all the time. I like the pictures and the posts about gay skateboarders. I am gay myself. I never told my skater friends until last week. A bunch of us were skating at a shopping center parking lot, like a dozen guys, most I’ve known since grade school.

“One dude my age started calling another skater, a younger kid, a ‘fag’ because the kid couldn’t do his kickflip right. The kid was like 13 or so, and he started crying and the other guy kept hating on him and calling him ‘fag’ and I just kinda blew up. I told the older guy to leave the kid alone. Then I said, ‘I skate tougher than you, dude. Way tougher. And I’m a fag. So what? What’s wrong with being a fag? Why the f**k do you care who I have sex with? You’ve probably never been laid in your life.’

“You should have seen everybody’s faces. Like, nobody said a word for a minute or so, then we all started skating again. But later a couple of guys came up to me and said they respected me for saying what I did. Cool, huh?”

Yes, Beau, very cool. Thanks for writing.

In other news, this blog had a HUGE number of visits yesterday, one of the highest daily counts ever. As usual, several newcomers asked where they could buy some of my writings. So, here’s some information:

You can buy my novella, Maui, at the Torquere Press website. Here’s the link:

You can buy my latest novella, Love Quest, at the Noble Romance website. Here’s the link:

If you want to read my short fiction, my stories appear in anthologies published by Cleis Press, Torquere Press, Noble Romance, STARbooks, Alyson Books and Arsenal Pulp Press. I’ve published about fifteen short stories with these firms in the past two years.

Okay, everyone, thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve got a writing project to work on so I’ll say goodbye for now. Enjoy your Tuesday.

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