Slender young man at a window; Martin’s back home …

Hi, friends and readers:

I love today’s photo post. I know, he’s awfully skinny, but I like lean young men. What’s he doing in the window? Calling to his friend below. (“Dude, buy me a pack of Marlboro’s.”)

On another subject:

Why are some people so angry? I received a couple of nasty comments from homophobic skateboarders this afternoon, calling the gay skater, Beau, from Richmond, VA — the boy who wrote me yesterday — a “pussy” and a “fudge-packing faggot.” Great. Who raises these kids? Sometimes I think the angriest of these skaters are self-hating, closeted gays.  I don’t know …

I spent a nice evening with my buds in town, drinking beer on my friend’s outdoor deck. Then we visited a Thai restaurant for an excellent meal. Thai people are so sweet, so friendly. One day I plan to visit Thailand, I hear it’s nice.

So, I guess I’ll do a bit of editing before going to bed. I hope you all had a nice Wednesday evening.

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