Gay lovers getting passionate; gay surfer sends a comment; nice day on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Everybody like the photo I’ve posted here this morning? I sure do. I came across it yesterday afternoon and I found it … arousing. Would you agree? The photographic quality is excellent and the two guys sure are hot. Sadly, I have no idea who they are or who the photographer is. Anybody know?

It’s a pretty morning on the island today: breezy and warm, with low humidity. Since I have a dental cleaning appointment this morning (Oh, boy.) I’ll have to do my writing this afternoon, after running a few errands. Not a very exciting day, but that’s okay. A peaceful life’s a good life, right?

I received a nice comment today from a guy named Christian who lives in Oahu, Hawaii. He surfs and he’s gay and he wrote to tell me how much he enjoyed my short novel, Maui. He said, “Sometimes I feel like I’m the only gay surfer in the world, or at least in Hawaii, but I’m sure it’s not the case. Reading your book was so cool. It made me realize I’m not some kind of freak.”

Thanks for writing, Christian. I’m flashing you the shaka sign.

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

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