Gordon Hayward, one more time …

Hi, friends and readers:

Okay, I thought we were through with Gordon Hayward posts, but you would not believe the amount of traffic my blog gets on posts with photos of Gordon.

He is mighty cute, isn’t he? (But he needs a new barber, I think. Who gave him that haircut?)

I understand Gordon has ignored my sage advice, given in an earlier post. He’s decided to quit college and enter the NBA draft. Gordon, what about your education? I guess the lure of huge salaries and signing bonuses is just too hard to resist. Still … I’ll bet all the gay boys at Butler University are in mourning. No more “Gorgeous Gordon” striding about campus. Sorry, guys, sometimes life can be cruel.

It’s been a good day for me. Even the visit to the dentist’s office for a cleaning wasn’t too bad. I visited Home Depot to buy houseplants and plants for my back porch to replace a few more killed by this winter’s freezing weather. Then I spent time potting new plants and re-potting two rosemary plants I have in my herb garden. They’d outgrown their existing pots and needed more room to flourish.

To the left is one more Gordon photo. Look at those shoulder and arm muscles. Aye-yi-yi. He’s definitely boyfriend material.

I took a run around four P.M. and it was pretty hot. By the time I was done I was drenched in sweat. Yuck, summer’s here.

Just an hour ago I received notice from one of my editors that my short story, First Roach Pond, will appear in a Cleis Press anthology titled Best Gay Romance 2011, due for release in late fall 2010. Pretty cool, eh? This’ll be the fifth Cleis Press anthology I’ve appeared in. The others are titled: Daddies, Boy Crazy, Surfer Boys, and Skater Boys. (That last one hasn’t released yet.) Here’s a link to the Cleis Press site if you are interested in buying any of these books:


I have no plans for this evening, other than watching sunset and cooking dinner. I think I’ll do a little editing on my new novel. Yesterday it surpassed 40,000 words and it still has a long way to go.

Enjoy your Tuesday evening, all.

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