Sexy guy in Calvin Kleins …

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m not much into fashion. I don’t shop at Versaci or A & F or Banana Republic. Where I live, people dress casually. But you must admit, there’s nothing quite as sensual as a sexy young man wearing nothing but a pair of Calvin Klein briefs. I hope everyone enjoys the photo I’ve posted here this morning. I like it a lot.

So … it’s Thursday and I have another dental appointment. When I visited my dentist Tuesday for a cleaning and checkup a problem was detected with some work performed last fall and now I have to spend 90 minutes in the chair this afternoon. (Great …) Well, you have to take care of your teeth, right?

This blog’s experiencing heavy traffic this morning. I’m getting comments from gay skateboarders, homophobic skateboarders, wrestlers both straight and gay, and a reader in South Africa who wrote to say he just read my book, Maui, and found it “sexy and emotionally moving.” I may post excerpts from some of these later today, but right now I need to get to work on my new novel. I wrote a new scene yesterday that needs massaged, so I’ll say goodbye for now.

Enjoy your Thursday, all.

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