Blog stats in the stratosphere; what’s going on?

Hi, friends and readers:

Sometimes the number of hits I receive on this blog just sort of explode, for no discernable reason. Today is one of those days; I’m getting hundreds of visits. Is it the photo I posted this morning? The recounting of events in my terribly interesting personal life? Who knows? But I’ve noticed one thing: when the number of visits to my blog surges, so do my book sales. So, I guess busy is good, isn’t it? But I still don’t get it. Normally, Sundays are slow days on the blog. Why is today an exception?

I’ve had a great day. I spent three hours writing, and I completed the first draft of my new novel. At 45,000 words it’s not a long book, but it’s aimed at YA readers and that’s the length they like. I’m quite pleased with the story, the characters, everything. There are many scenes I’ll need to re-work: beefing up descriptive passages, doing a bit of foreshadowing, that sort of thing. But the major parts of the book are completed. Now it’s all about polishing and making the words flow smoothly.

I took a three-mile run around four PM, then walked home on the beach. The shore was crowded with beachgoers, families with little kids mostly. It was warm, but breezy, and the water was clear and turquoise, since we haven’t had rain lately. (Rain tends to muddy the Gulf.)

I’ll visit the beach again for sunset tonight, then I’m having a guest for dinner. It’ll be a nice, breezy evening here on the island. Wherever you are, I hope your Sunday evening’s a good one.

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