House guest is gone; Martin’s a little blue …

Hi, friends and readers:

Well, I just returned from Tampa International Airport, where my friend from Wisconsin and I shared a beer before he boarded the plane. Now I’m home and feeling a little blue. When you live alone and a person you like very much stays with you a week, you tend to get a bit sad after their departure. (Okay, Martin, quit whining …)

This blog’s getting heavy traffic again today. It seems to have broken  through a barrier because I’m getting twice the number of average daily visits I was receiving six weeks ago. That’s good, right? Sales of my two novellas, Love Quest and Maui are soaring. My publishers are so-o-o happy, and so am I.  Here are the links if you are interested in buying either book:

The link to Maui is:

The link to Love Quest is:

I’ll enjoy a quiet evening tonight, maybe do a bit of editing on my new novel. I’ll visit the beach for sunset around eight PM, then I’ll dine alone (Sniffle …) on leftovers from the freezer. Exciting, eh?

Enjoy your Monday evening, all.

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