Naked gay lovers on a sofa; Lambda Literary Awards coming up …

Hi, friends and readers:

The photo I’ve posted this morning I really like: the lighting, the body language, the sparse furnishings, all of it. Both young men are naked, presumably after a sex session. The guy on the bottom looks so … contented. Is he Brent Corrigan, porn star?

It seems quiet around here without my house guest. I’m getting laundry done this morning while I work on my new novel. The dirty linens and laundry kind of stacked up over the past week and it’s time to get everything clean again. What fun …

This Thursday the 2010 Lambda Literary Awards ceremony will take place in NYC.  I Like It Like That, an Arsenal Pulp Press anthology that includes my story McGinty Chapel, is up for the Best Erotic Anthology award. Here’s a link to a review of the book:

I was flattered by the reviewer’s comments about my story:

“I think my favourite entry is Martin Delacroix’s. At a bible camp in 1962 Florida we watch two teen counsellors wank and squirt in the chapel, reciting the Lord’s Prayer in unison. I suspect that most Christian believers would find this scene beyond the pale. But, really, what a wholesome and liberating alternative to the coercions of the closet-fag priests.”

Here’s a link if you want to buy the book:

All right, I must get to work. Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

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