Sexy boy on his bed. Martin has to pack. Look out Wisconsin!

Hi, friends and readers:

Don’t you just love the photo I’ve posted here this morning. I’ve posted other pictures of this young man before. I think he’s mucho sexy. I wish I knew who he is and where he’s from. Anyone know? I’m guessing he’s … Brian from Edinborough. Imagine walking into your bedroom and finding him on your mattress? Aye-yi-yi.

Okay, I slept in this morning. I had far too much fun at the party in Tampa yesterday. There was endless beer and wine. I helped barbeque the hamburgers, brats and pork chops. (Yum-m-m-m …) People were in a good mood and everyone was so friendly. I stayed far longer than I’d planned, but so what?

Tomorrow morning I will grab a Southwest flight to Milwaukee to visit the sexiest and sweetest guy on the planet. I’ll be in Wisconsin for five days, but don’t worry, I’ll have my laptop with me so I’ll post daily while I’m in cheese country. I have never spent time in WI before and I’m kind of excited. This afternoon I’ll pack my bag and do the usual things I have to do when I’m going away for several days: water plants, cancel the newspaper, and so forth. (Exciting, eh?)

At some point, though, I’m taking an hour-long walk on the beach. I did so yesterday and it was great. The Gulf’s temperature is just right for swimming, and so far we don’t have any tar balls on the beach.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

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