Sticking your hand down a guy’s briefs …

Hi, friends and readers:

Ah, the joy of shoving your hand down the front of a cute guy’s briefs. I love the photo I’ve posted here this evening. What a funny picture.

It’s terribly hot on the island today, around 93 degrees F, with no breeze and no chance of rain to cool things off. Thank God for air conditioning.

I had a great workout and swim at the YMCA, then I hit the supermarket to stock up for the weekend. Tonight I’m having a rleative for dinner and I’m cooking a special dish I haven’t prepared in a while — chicken baked on a tomato and dill sauce. It’s a great recipe. I’m already salivating.

Everybody ready for the weekend? Like I said this morning, I don’t really have many plans myself. I’ll just hang out and write, maybe take a walk on the beach if there’s a breeze. Sounds pretty good, eh?

Enjoy your Friday night, all.

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