A good book for gay teens to read …

Hi, friends and readers:

On my flight back from Wisconsin, ten days ago, I finished reading The Vast Fields Of Orindary by Nick Burd. If you are a gay teen, I recommend you try this book. Burd’s a good writer and I think he has a pretty good feel for what it’s like to be a gay high school senior in today’s world. The characters in the story are quite believable, the writing is smooth and precise. Burd’s descriptive phrases are masterful. Give it a try, okay?

I had a great workout and swim at the YMCA this afternoon, and my dinner in town was great. We dined at a Cuban restaurant with great food and service. I had chicken in a dill sauce and a huge salad — more than I could eat. (Can you say, “Doggie bag?”)

I’m feeling a bit restless, now that I’m home. I think I’ll drink a few glasses of wine and perhaps do a bit of editing on my latest story I’m working on. It’s titled The Little Prince, and I kind of like the direction it’s headed in.

I’ll catch up on correspondence, first. It’s important to stay in touch, right?

I hope your evening was a pleasant as mine was.

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