Hot guy in skimpy briefs; Martin’s hard at work …

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you think Calvin Klein has any openings in his advertising department? I’d work cheap, Calvin. Can you hear me?

Okay, look at this guy in today’s photo post. If he were your boyfriend, would you let him wear anything but briefs around the house? Of course you wouldn’t. (“Get those pants off now, Jared!”)

Aye-yi-yi …

Let’s see … Yesterday I had an incredibly high number of visits to this blog. Today’s starting out busy as well. What’s going on?

It’s a typical Wednesday for me. I’m in the midst of editing six stories for a new anthology I’m submitting to a publishing house. That’ll eat up my morning. I’ll visit the YMCA this afternoon for a workout and lap-swimming, then I’ll meet my buds in town for a bit of beer drinking and dinner at a restaurant, always fun.

It’s terribly hot outside again today. Yesterday I ran three miles outdoors and it was brutal. I had to stop running and walk a few blocks near the end of my course because I felt like I was nearing heat exhaustion. So, I’m glad to be exercising in the YMCA’s air conditioned facility today.

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

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