Guy in a tub with glow sticks; nice comment from reader on “McGinty Chapel” …

I came across this photo a few days ago and decided to post it, even though I find it a bit strange a young man would lie in a tub full of water in his boxer shorts. (“Stewart, take those things off!”) Anyway, I like the effect the glow sticks lend to the photo. It’s an original piece, I think.

My workout and swim at the YMCA was great, but when I walked into the parking lot afterward the heat and humidity hit me like a warm, wet sponge. Yuck! It’s 95 degrees F outside, and I think that’s in the shade. I’ll bet it’s closer to 100 degrees F if you are standing in the sunshine.

I received a nice comment today from a reader named Carl in northern California. He told me he’d read my story, McGinty Chapel. It appears in an Arsenal Pulp Press anthology titled I Like It Like That, edited by Richard LaBonte.

Carl said, “What a great story you wrote. I remember going to church camp as a horny teenager and lusting for the counselors.”

I Like It Like That received an excellent review in Xtra!, Toronoto’s gay magazine. Here’s what the reviewer had to say about McGinty Chapel:

“I think my favourite entry is Martin Delacroix’s. At a bible camp in 1962 Florida we watch two teen counsellors wank and squirt in the chapel, reciting the Lord’s Prayer in unison. I suspect that most Christian believers would find this scene beyond the pale. But, really, what a wholesome and liberating alternative to the coercions of the closet-fag priests.”

Pretty cool, eh? You can read the entire review here:

Here’s a link to Amazon if you are interested in buying the anthology:

Okay, everyone, have a great Friday evening.

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