Naked boy on striped sheets …

Hi, friends and readers:

A guy who follows this blog sent me several photos of the young man whose picture I’ve posted here this morning. This was the only one suitable for posting, the rest were just too … explicit. He’s cute isn’t he?

Well, it’s Friday and that means a trip to the YMCA this afternoon, followed by a stop at the beer/wine market to stock up for the weekend.

Every year a Gay Pride Festival is held in St. Petersburg, not far from my island. Tomorrow’s the day for the 2010 event. About 75,000 people will show up for the parade and other festivities. I don’t know whether or not I’ll attend. The weather’s so hot and humid and it’s just too unpleasant to be outdoors. Why don’t they hold the festival in April?

I received a nice comment from a reader in Seattle, Jake, who just finished reading my short story, Seabstian Inlet. It appears in a Cleis Press anthology titled Surfer Boys, edited by Neil Plakcy. Jake said, “I grew up on Florida’s East Coast, in Indian River County, and your story really brought out memories. It was sexy and sweet at the same time. Nice writing.”

Thanks, Jake.

Have a nice Friday, everyone, wherever you might be.

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