Shirtless hunk; Martin’s boyfriend’s in town …

Hi, friends and readers:

People sometimes complain about the photos I post on this blog. They say, “Give us a few beefcakes, will you, Martin?”

Okay, okay … Here you go, boys. He’s a real slab of beef, isn’t he?

I failed to post yesterday, with good reason. I picked up my boyfriend at Tampa Airport around eleven A.M. and we spent the entire day and evening by ourselves. We swam in the Gulf and took a walk on the beach. We drank a bit of beer and wine. At dusk we watched sunset, then I cooked cheeseburgers on the charcoal grille. After we cleaned up we shot pool at a bar down the street, then took a stroll on the beach. A crescent moon was up and it was so romantic.

Today, my boyfriend’s sleeping in and I’m getting some work done, editing a story I just sold. I wrote it last year. It’s title is Angel Levi and it will be published later this year by the Ravenous Romance publishing house. At 12,000 words, it’s close to novella length.

Enjoy your Saturday all. I know I’m going to enjoy mine.

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