Sexy guy in sexy briefs; Martin’s having fun …

Hi, friends and readers:

Yeah, I’ve said it before: some guys are meant to wear nothing but briefs. Isn’t the photo I’ve posted here today sexy? I sure think so.

It’s another hot day here on the island. Time for indoor activities. Yesterday, my boyfriend and I took a long drive up the coast. We enjoyed a nice seafood lunch at a small, informal restaurant, then came home  and relaxed before watching sunset. Then I grilled a whole chicken over charcoal. The technique I used is called “Beer Can Chicken.” This involves inserting a half-full beer can in the chicken’s cavity, basting the outside in olive oil and sprinkling the chicken in seasonings. It comes out great, but it takes 90 minutes to fully cook. Try it sometime, it’s great.

We have errands to run today: bank, drug store, supermarket. Hopefully the sky will cloud up by late afternoon so we can take a run around 4:30 P.M. Yesterday was brutally hot — 95 degrees in the sun and quite humid. Ah, Florida in the summer. (Ugh …)

Enjoy your Monday everyone.

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