Cute guy with large eyes; Martin’s back from Costa Rica …

Hi, friends and readers:

Yes, I am back from seven days in Costa Rica, a beautiful and interesting country. Like all places, it has its good and bad points.

Good points: Breathtaking natural beauty, mountains, waterfalls, beaches, good surf, friendly people and reasonable prices.

Bad points: Theft is rampant, roads aren’t too good, climate is hot and humid and most places are not air conditioned.

Would I go back? Um-m-m-m … Ask me in six months.

My three traveling companions were great; we got along very well because each guy was flexible. It’s important when traveling as a group. We had a lot of laughs. My favorite thing we did was a “canopy tour” on “zip lines”. The tour service strapped you into a harness and hooked you to a wheel and you zipped through a rain forest at 35 MPH, about 20-30 feet in the air, on steel cables. What fun!

Tomorrow I must get busy: laundry, haircut, then packing for my flight to Minnesota Saturday morning. I’m visiting my boyfriend there for six days. He’s the sweetest and sexiest guy on the planet and I can’t wait to see him. Lucky me!

Okay, I’m going to tend to a bit of correspondence, then it’s off to bed. Have a nice Friday, everyone.

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