Hot boy in a Speedo; breezy day on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

There’s something about a handsome young man in a Speedo. Don’t you agree? I’m guessing today’s photo was taken in Australia, where competitive swimming’s popular and the boys/men are not afraid to wear Speedos. I’m sure sorry I missed that swim meet.

I woke early this morning because  my plumber’s here, installing a new hot water heater. My old one’s been acting up for the longest time and I decided to trash it and buy a more reliable system. When I walked outside this morning to retrieve my newspaper, my jaw dropped. It was actually pleasant outdoors. A cool breeze blew and the humdity was much lower than yesterday. Could this mean we’ll have an early fall? I sure hope so.

One of my publishers, Torquere Press, contacted me yesterday and asked if I had any new material to submit for publication for their “Doctors Without Borders” charity event. I’ve decided to submit a story I wrote about a year ago titled Winston Quirk. It takes place on Man-O-War Cay in the Abacos Islands in The Bahamas, back in 1975. It deals with matters of racial discrimination. Wish me luck!

I’ll have a busy day today. Besides reviewing and submitting Winston Quirk, I’ve got more yard work to do. I’ll take a three-mile run around four P.M., then I’m having two friends for dinner tonight. They are the guys I went to Maine with during July. We’ll share beer and wine, I’ll serve dinner, then we’ll have a look at all the photos we took during our trip. I should be a fun evening.

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

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