Two boys getting close; another rainy day on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Isn’t it nice when two guys show a little affection toward each other in public.  The boys in today’s photo post certainly seem to be close, don’t they?

My little dinner gathering last night sure was fun. My buds and I looked at photos from our Maine trip, while having a few drinks. We walked to the beach for sunset, then shared a nice meal prepared by Martin himself. What a great way to spend a Tuesday evening.

Today will be a typical Wednesday for me: writing, YMCA, dinner in town with my Wednesday evening pals. I have not seen them in a month, so I’m looking forward to spending time with them.

Outside it’s another overcast, rainy day. It’s fine with me, the rain keeps things cool. Yesterday I ran three miles and it was actually pleasant. I’m so tired of Florida’s heat. Monday I’ll leave for a two-week stay in Berlin, Germany, where it’s nice and cool. I’m taking my laptop with me, so I’ll be posting regularly.

Enjoy your Wednesday, everyone.

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