Smoochfest continues; the weekend’s here …

Hi, friends and readers:

When I was a teenager I ‘d have killed to kiss another boy. But, alas, it wasn’t socially acceptable. Now, however, boys kissing boys seems to be borderline okay. Guys post photos of themselves kissing other guys on their Facebook pages and no one seems shocked or offended. How cool is that?

I spent a quiet evening at home last night. I hosted a relative for dinner, then I read for a while before going to bed early. After all my travels, I think I’m in need of rest.

Today will be a typical Friday for Martin: writing, YMCA, maybe a visit to the beach to watch sunset. A friend wants me to go to the movies with him tonight, to see an art film. I don’t know …

Yesterday turned out to be a heavy traffic day on the blog. I received several comments on my “guys kissing guys” photos, especially the one of the two boys in the forest. One person said, “Aren’t they a little young to be kissing?”  Um-m-m-m … no, I don’t think so. And would anyone be offended if the kissers in the photo were a girl  and a boy? Of course not.

The photo I’ve posted here today was sent to me yesterday by Gabe and Jeffrey, the boys in the photo. They live in Denver. They have been boyfriends for six months. They are out to their families and friends and Gabe, the boy on the left, is a skateboarder. Cute guys, eh?

***Update, 09/02/2011: I received a comment on this post  from a guy named “CB”, who dwells in South Dakota, I believe. CB said:

“Gabe and jeffrey huh? haha, well it’s a sweet story, except I first saw this picture in 1993 on what was then Prodigy (it was actually the FIRST gay picture I ever saw when I was in Jr high, which is why I remember it so well).  Ahhh Prodigy, slow dial up connections, pictures taking forever to download, those were the days. :)”

H-m-m-m … Assuming CB’s is correct (And I suspect he suspect he is.) I guess someone was fantasizing when he sent me this photo and its accompanying comment. Why do  people do that? What’s the point of making up stories like that? I don’t know …

Okay, everyone. Have a fun Friday and a great weekend.

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