Cute boy floating; beautiful day in Berlin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Now that the Delacroix “Smooch-a-thon has ended I have many other non-kissing photos I am looking forward to sharing. Does everyone like the one I’ve posted here this evening. Don’t you love the expression on the young man’s face. He looks totally at peace, doesn’t he? Check out those buns ….

I’m feeling pretty much at peace myself this evening. I spent the morning writing, then my host and I did a little shopping and exploring in the Wedding neighborhood. Around four P. M. I took a three-mile run in Schiller Park, a nice spot not far from where I am staying. It felt so good to run in cool weather for a change. The park was full of kids playing soccer and riding bicycles.

Now I am showered and having a beer and feeling great. I’ll spend the evening with my host and his good friend. I think we’ll dine out and visit a beer garden afterward. It should be fun.

Enjoy your Thursday evening, all.

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