Sexy guy in his bed; Martin’s hungover …

Hi, friends and readers:

Don’t you like the photo I’ve posted here today? Isn’t it nice lying next to your boyfriend in the bedroom on a lazy Sunday afternoon? You finally have time to talk and relax without interruption. It’s always a special time.

I slept in until noon today. I went to two parties last night, one quite different from the other. We also dined out  at a great Italian place where the pasta is home made. The food was wonderful and so was the house red wine. We ate outside and the place was packed. People were in a good mood. The entire evening was fun, but I didn’t get to bed until around four AM, thus my late rising this morning.

Today my host and I will join friends and their children for a late lunch at another outdoor restaurant in a southwest suburb of Berlin called Zehlendorf. It should be nice. Outside it’s warm and overcast, but not as hot as Florida. If you wear light clothing it’s quite comfortable.

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

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