Naked guy at the sea; inspiring comment from a gay skateboarder …

Hi, friends and readers:

Everyone like the photo I have posted here today? I came across it yesterday and I like it very much. Beautiful young man, nice beach, nice lighting. The young man’s behind is … outstanding.

I don’t normally post comments I receive on this blog. There are so many, and a large percentage are obscenity-laced or other-wise not worthy of sharing. But here’s a special one from a skateboarder named Sham. He lives in L. A. and here’s what he had to say:

“Hi, I just read this. I’ve skated since 5th grade. I’ve known PLENTY of gay skaters and PLENTY of “straight” skaters who I’ve done some not so straight stuff with (if you know what I mean. lol). I skate every day, very hard. I skate 12 ft. empty swimming pools. I’m not into kickflips or ollies. I like to carve vert and bomb insane hills. I got my respect from the most hardcore of skaters in San Francisco when I lived there cause I would bomb very steep hills that they could not handle. All my skater friends know I’m gay. I don’t hide who I am and I never have since I was 14 years old, no matter who I’m around. I’ve got a very gay side to me to. I used to be a hardcore club kid that wore make up and had a rainbow colored mohawk and I’m an artist and stuff. Anyways, I just wanna say that people should stop trying to define activites as straight or gay and just do what they want and what they feel is right. If a gay guy wants to skate GREAT! Grab a board, get on it and go. But that doesn’t make him any more masculine or change the fact that he’s gay. Just like if a straight guy wants to cross dress that doesn’t make him gay becuase he wears women’s clothes. I hope that everyone can just be themselves and get along. There is nothing that is a bigger turn off than someone trying to be something they are not.”

Well said, Sham. Thanks for writing.

It’s raining here in Berlin today. I’m not sure what we’ll do but I guess it will take place indoors. Have a great Monday, everyone.

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