Sexy, funny photo; last night in Berlin …

Hi, friends and readers:

Someone sent me the photo I’ve posted here tonight. Not only is it sexy, I think it’s pretty funny. It made me laugh, anyway.

I had a great day. I met two friends for lunch in Mitte, it was very nice. The restaurant was called The Twelve Apostles. It’s a popular dining spot in Berlin, with good reason. The food was excellent, so was the service.

I returned to my host’s apartment and we returned about forty empty beer bottles to the booze market, where I bade farewell to the young man who works there. We bought a little more beer and wine for this evening, then returned home.

I visited Schiller Park one last time for a three-mile run. It’s cool outside, but not cold, and I had a nice run, savoring the temperature. Tomorrow in Florida it’ll be 90 degrees, with high humidity. Just miserable. But in ten days I’ll depart for Northern California where the weather’s perfect at this time of year. My suitcase is getting a workout this summer!

Enjoy your Monday evening, everyone.

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