Two hot guys in a bed; thunderstorms headed my way …

Hi, friends and readers:

Okay, when you were in college, did you ever share a bed with a drunk, passed-out straight boy? Did you ever, you know …?

I think that’s what’s going on in the photo I’ve posted here this evening. I believe the guy on the right is planning on getting naughty with his unconscious buddy. Who could pass up those sexy eyebrows?

I finished final edits on Boys Who Love Men, then sent the stories to my editor via e-mail. Noble Romance has scheduled the anthology for a mid-September 2010 release in digital format. The print version should be available soon. I had a great workout at the YMCA this afternoon, then I hit the booze market for wine. For a number of reasons I’m not having dinner with my buds in the city this evening, I am staying on my little island and getting a bit of work done.

A line of wicked-looking thunderstorms is approaching from the east, I think we’re about to have a downpour, with lots of thunder and lightning. It’s typical stuff for this time of year.

Enjoy your Wednesday evening, all.

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