Sexy surfer; blog stats on the rise …

Hi, friends and readers:

I’m up earlier than usual, getting things ready for my trip to San Francisco. I talked to my boyfriend last night, he’s already there. He will meet me at the airport Friday afternoon. I haven’t seen him for five weeks, so I’m stoked. What fun we’ll have. The Bay Area’s one of my favorite places in the world. It’s so … romantic.

I checked my blog stats this morning and it looks like today will be a heavy traffic day. Already I’ve had more visits than I typically get in a 24-hour period. Like always, I have no idea why.

I received a nice comment last night from a gay surfer in San Diego named Brett, age 24, a meteorologist. He said, “You’re the only writer I know who writes stories about gay men who surf. I’ve read your books, Love Quest and Maui, and I bought a copy of Surfer Boys from Cleis Press. Do you plan to write more stories about gay surfers?”

Thanks for writing, Brett. I wrote a story titled Me And Shea. It’s included in a book published by Alyson Books titled Best Gay Love Stories 2009. You’d probably enjoy reading Me And Shea. Here’s a link:

Also, I’m writing a new story titled Jaco Beach. The two main characters are both gay surfers. The story’s set in Costa Rica. I vacationed there this summer. The surf in Jaco’s pretty good and I enjoyed my visit to Costa Rica thoroughly, so I knew I had to write a story taking place down there. If the story sells, I’ll announce the publication date on this blog, okay?

Have a nice Thursday, everyone.

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