Boy in pink briefs; Martin’s back on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Sometimes a guy just likes to frolic about his place in his underwear. You know what I mean?

I came across the photo I’ve posted here today and I think it’s pretty funny. I think I’ll try doing that on my bed sometime, but I don’t think I’ll look at cute as he does.

My boyfriend and I had a great weekend in Gainesville. The tailgate party we attended was superb: plenty to drink, good barbeque, large screen TVs to watch other NCAA games before ours started. We were right in the middle of campus, a five-minute walk from the stadium. The game was a blast: the Gators won against Kentucky handily. This was a night game, starting at seven PM, so it wasn’t too warm. The place was packed and the crowd was in a good mood; the whole evening was fun. The Swamp is a great place to watch football.

Now my boyfriend and I have returned to our little island. In a few minutes we’ll watch sunset, then I’ll grill pork chops. We’ll enjoy a bottle of Napa Valley wine and maybe watch a movie. Rough life, huh? I’m the world’s luckiest man.

Enjoy your Sunday evening, all.

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