Sexy blue-eyed boy; it’s hump day, folks …

Hi, friends and readers:

What do you think of this morning’s photo post? My boyfriend’s eyes are chocolate brown and to me they are the most beautiful pair of eyes in the world. But I think blue-eyed guys are sexy, too. Especially cute guys with smooth skin and light brown hair. Yummy ….

Tomorrow’s a big day for me. My new novel, De Narvaez, published by Eternal Press, will go on the market. Each month Eternal Press hosts a “Launch Party” in the chat room of their website. At 6:30 PM EDST, I’ll make a guest appearance in the chat room to discuss my new book and my writing in general. It’s a fun time and you don’t have to register with the website or own a password. Just go here: and enter whatever username you wish to use, then click on the “login” button and you’ll be inside the chat room. Come on, attend the party!

It’s Wednesday, of course, and that means my boyfriend and I will work out and swim at the YMCA, with a bit of basketball thrown in the middle. Tonight I’ll visit the city to drink a few beers with my college buds, then we’ll down out someplace nice.

On another subject, I just received notice from the gaysurfers social network that their membership has now reached 2,150 individuals. This is a great website and network for people who love to surf (waves, not the Internet). There’s a link to the site in my blogroll. Check it out.

Have a nice Wednesday, all.

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