Lover boys in boxer briefs; lazy day on the island …

Hi,  friends and readers:

I’m posting another “lover boys” photo here today. I think it’s pretty sexy, don’t you? Nice boxer briefs, eh?

Yesterday was another busy day on this blog, with an abnormally  large number of visits. Keep coming by, folks!

It’s a lazy day for me. My boyfriend and I did not rise until 9:30 this morning. We strolled to an outdoor, beachfront cafe for breakfast. Now we’re hanging out at the house in our boxer shorts. I’m tending to correspondence, he’s watching football. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

I received a nice comment from a reader in Kansas City named Kevin. He wrote to say how much he enjoyed my anthology, Boys Who Love Men. He said, “It took me back to my days as a college kid when I first discovered my attraction to men older than me. I like the way each story in the book was so different from the others. Write more of these, please.”

Thanks for writing, Kevin. Actually, I have another anthology coming out toward the end of this year. It’s also being published by Noble Romance. The working title is Lessons In Love. I’ll announce its release when the time comes.

I’ll be watching my Florida Gators play LSU tonight. Go Gators!

Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

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