Hot guy in the shower; Martin’s home …


I’m back in town, fresh from the fishing camp with my boyfriend. We had such a great time, although the fishing wasn’t good. 🙁 The weather was perfect; sunsets were excellent. We probably consumed too much beer and wine, but … it was fun.

Okay, does everyone approve of today’s photo post? Isn’t he a beautiful guy? I supose all of us would like to find a handsome young man in our shower in the morning. (I already have one, guys. Aren’t I lucky?)

I have much to do tomorrow: respond to correspence from the past two days, deal with edits, choose cover art for my next book. (It’s coming out soon …)

So, tomorrow my boyfriend works all day and I work all day as well. We took a nice run this afternoon, then swam in the Gulf. It’s a nice life here on the island.

I’m glad to be home, but it was nice at the fishing camp. We saw sea turtles, manatees, and bottle-nosed dolphins. What’s better than that?

Good night, everyone.

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