Shirtless hottie on a loveseat; nice Sunday on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you own a loveseat? Take a look at the young man in today’s photo post. Would you like to share your loveseat with him? He’s pretty hot, in my opinion. I believe his last name is something like “Lachowski.” He’s a fashion model, but he also poses for art photography. He sure looks good with his shirt off.

It’s another beautiful day here on the island: sunny, breezy and not too warm. My boyfriend and I will watch the Packers/Dolphins game at one P.M., then maybe we’ll take a long walk on the beach.

I received many nice comments about yesterday’s post and the young man’s statement about coming out to his parents. A few people mistakenly thought I wrote the piece, but I did not. It was posted on the young man’s blog and I picked it up from another fellow’s blog, a young Canadian who lives in Vancouver.

Traffic on this blog continues to grow, which is great. Keep up the visits, folks, and have a nice Sunday, wherever you are.

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