Cute guy shaving; Martin’s staying busy …

Hi, friends and readers:

There’s something sexy about watching a cute guy shave in the morning. Know what I mean? I really like the photo I’ve posted here today. It’s fun getting ready for the day with your boyfriend in the bathroom: showering, shaving, brushing your teeth. Simple things, but nice nonetheless.

I’m very busy right now. The cover art for my novella, Trick And Treat, is finalized. As mentioned previously, I think it turned out great. It’ll boost sales, I’m certain. I’ll let you know when Noble Romance Publishing releases it, later this month. It’s in the final stages of editing right now.

I’m in the middle of initial edits on my second anthology, as yet untitled. The target date for publication is mid-November 2010. The book will offer three distinct stories: East Beach, Angel From Asuncion, and another titled Aaron Sickles And Me. If you have read my last Noble Romance anthology, Boys Who Love Men, and you liked it, you’ll probably like this second anthology as well.

It’s a beautiful fall day here on the island, and a typical Wednesday for me. I’ll write all morning. My boyfriend and I will visit the YMCA this afternoon, then I’ll have dinner with my buds in town tonight; it’s always fun.

Enjoy your Wednesday, all.

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