Nice comment on Martin’s new novel, “De Narvaez” …

Hi, friends and readers:

A short novel I finished earlier this year, titled De Narvaez, was published this month by Eternal Press. Here’s the blurb for the book:

After an eighteen year absence, Dallas Tench, a thirty-six year old gay man, returns to his Florida hometown of DeNarvaez, population ten thousand, to oversee administration of his late father’s estate. When Dallas encounters his former high school friend and lover, DeWayne Hobgood, the two men renew their relationship. Dallas is smitten, DeWayne is too, but there’s a problem: DeWayne’s married to a woman named Taylor. And DeWayne has two teenage children from a prior marriage. Will Dallas settle for a part-time, hidden relationship with DeWayne in DeNarvaez? Or will DeWayne leave Taylor and follow Dallas back to San Francisco?

The book’s been on the market two weeks now and it’s doing pretty well. This afternoon I received a nice comment from a reader in Alabama named Jesse. He said:

“I grew up in the Deep South as a closeted gay teenager. I couldn’t wait to leave my small hometown and live someplace where I could be myself. After high school I moved to Atlanta, where I lived for many years, but recently I returned to my hometown. I’m living with my folks again, which is kind of strange, but it’s funny, I kind of like being back here, remembering my early days.

“I just read your novel, De Narvaez, and I can’t tell you how much it meant to me. I can relate so much to your character, Dallas Tench, and his boyfriend, DeWayne. You really captured life in a small Southern town.”

Thanks for the kind comment, Jesse. I’m glad you enjoyed De Narvaez.

If anyone’s interested in buying a copy of the book, here’s a link to the Eternal Press website:

I’m spending the evening by myself, my wonderful boyfriend’s working. So, I’ll drink a few beers, visit the beach for sunset, and maybe work on my new story, Jaco Beach. It’s coming along nicely, but I’ve been so busy with edits the past two weeks I feel I’ve negletced it, never a good thing with a work-in-progress.

Enjoy your Thursday evening, all.

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