Cute boys kissing; “Boys Who Love Men” selling briskly …

Hi, friends and readers:

You know how it is: you go to party with your boyfriend, you dance and have a few drinks. Suddenly you’re sweaty and horny and you just have to grab your boyfriend and give him a smooch. That’s my read on today’s photo post. Kiss away, guys, I think you’re mighty cute.

It’s another warm, fall day here in West Central Florida. The weatherman says it’s finally going to cool down tomorrow. Yesterday, we had a record-high temperature for October 27th — ninety-one degrees F. That’s way too hot for this time of year.

I checked on the All Romance e-Books website last night and found that my latest anthology, Boys Who Love Men, continues to sell briskly. I’ve received several nice comments from folks who’ve read the book, and I’m so happy it’s been a success. Many thanks to the people at Noble Romance Publishing for believing in the stories included in Boys Who Love Men, and to Fiona Jayde, who designed the cover.

I have a busy day ahead: writing, editing, running errands, taking a three-mile run, here on the island, this afternoon. So, I’ll wish everyone a happy Thursday, and I’ll be on my way.

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