Cute boy with sexy lips; weather’s cooling down …

Hi, friends and readers:

Yesterday I came across the photo I’ve posted here this morning, and I knew I had to share it with all of you. Okay, the boy’s definitely cute, but look at those lips. Amazing! If he were my boyfriend I’d spend half my day kissing him. Wouldn’t you?

I have a busy day ahead: editing a friend’s college paper (not fun), tending to correspondence, then visiting the YMCA for a workout, basketball and lap-swimming. There’s a neighborhood party down the street, right at sunset time. It’ll be outdoors and, praise the Lord, the temperature’s dropping outside as a cool front slides across Florida. It’s about time.

Yesterday my boyfriend and I bought materials for the costumes we’ll wear to a Halloween Ball in Tampa Saturday night. I’m going as a ghoulish surfer. Okay, it’s not the most original costume, but I’m not much with a needle and thread, so it’ll have to do.

Enjoy your Friday, everyone. It’s the weekend!

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