A guy’s bare butt in a blue bathroom; Martin’s back home …

Hi, friends and readers:

Do you appreciate the beauty of a young man’s behind? I sure do, so I thought I would share tonight’s photo post with you. Nice butt, eh? I’m not sure I’d want a bathroom lit solely by a blue fixture, but whatever.

The weather was turning nasty in Brevard County this afternoon, so after our morning surfing session, my boyfriend and I packed up the car and drove back to the Gulf Coast. Traffic wasn’t bad so the trip was a breeze. Now we’re back on the island with a fully-stocked fridge, ready for the weekend to start tomorrow.

I actually got some work done while in Brevard County: editing stories, choosing cover art, and corresponding with my editor at Noble Romance, so the last three days weren’t all about surfing. But I must say Wednesday morning was the highlight of the trip, when we rose before dawn and got to watch sunrise from our surfboards, seventy-five yards offshore. What a beautiful sight.

It’s raining hard at home right now. Rain bands are roaring in from the Gulf, with winds gusting to about 25 MPH. Tomorrow, a cold front arrives and tomorrow night the low will be around 55 degrees F. Nice and cool!

Okay, I’m ready to crack a beer open and start cooking dinner. I’ve been up since 5:30 AM this morning and it’s been a long day. Enjoy your Thursday evening, all.

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