Gay teen suicide; this breaks my heart …

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May I share this re-blog with you?

“In the last two months, there has been a great deal of attention given to the experience of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth in US schools after the suicides of several teenagers who were gay or were perceived to be gay. Until today no week goes by without another tragic incident like this. The latest student who couldn’t stand the bullying anymore was Brandon, a 14-year-old from Middleburg, Pennsylvania, who took his own life by running in front of a tractor-trailer last Friday.

According to his friends, he was the victim of anti-gay bullying.

Brandon was a straight-A student with a core group of friends. A passionate violinist who brought down the house at his middle-school talent show, his audacity led him to don the black-clothing and eyeliner look of an emo kid, one who readily shows his emotions, in his rural high school.

But for the better part of three years, Brandon struggled with the fact that school, which allowed him to find friends and an outlet for his creativity and intellect, was also his greatest torment. It was a torment, the 14-year-old freshman at his High School wrote in his suicide note, that he felt powerless to prevent. Rather than endure another four years of being called “faggot” and “sissy,” on Friday he stepped in front of a tractor-trailer rig.

As Brandon’s family, including his cousin Katie, cope with their devastating loss, they are reaching out in hope no other child decides death is preferable to life. “People have to know, and I’ve been getting his story out on Twitter & Facebook so people can read it, that this can happen to anyone, even people you don’t suspect,” she said.

Nationwide, the bullying-related deaths of students resulted in an uproar and has led to an outpouring of support for bullied kids, including celebrity videotaped testimonials of surviving childhood bullying through the It Gets Better Project.”

This kind of stuff makes me sick. What’s wrong with this country?

Every gay man in this nation. I mean every gay man, should be outraged by this incident. We can’t allow this to happen to our little  brothers.

Get pissed off!

Look, join a gay youth support group. Send them money. Or just serve as an openly gay role model, so these boys know their future has a chance.

It does, you know. It does ….

I am sick of reading about these incidents. Will you please join me in getting angry about this situation? If you can’t already tell, I am mad as hell about bullying of gay boys in our schools. We owe it to them to stand up and say, “Enough.”

I feel so bad for this boy’s family, for him as well. Please, reach out to the gay kids in your community. We don’t need any more deaths. Come on, join me, will you? Let’s stand up and yell, “No more. We’ve had it.” At the very least, send a check to PFLAG, will you?

Okay, rant over, but …

Shall we do something about this?

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