Blog stats surging today; Martin’s book, “De Narvaez”, available in paperback …

Hi, friends and readers:

Traffic on this blog has been ultra-heavy today, I don’t know how come. Why some days are busier than others is a mystery to me.

Several people wrote today, to talk about last night’s rant on gay teen suicides. Yeah, I got a bit emotional. And I’m still angry about the whole incident described in last night’s post. That poor kid . . .

One person wrote me about my novel, De Narvaez, published last month by Eternal Press. He said, “You told us this book was available in print as well as digital, but when I tried to buy the print version from Eternal Press, it wasn’t an option.”

H-m-m-m … I don’t know why this is so, but you can buy a paperback copy of De Narvaez through the Amazon website. Here’s the link where you can buy it:

It’s another beautiful night on the island, about 75 degrees F, sunny and no wind. My boyfriend and I will head down for sunset in about 20 minutes. We get out best displays in late fall. What could be nicer than watching the sun sink into the Gulf of Mexico with your sweetie, drink in hand?

Enjoy your Monday evening, all.

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