Naked boy and fall leaves …

Hi, friends and readers:

When I talk to folks who’ve moved to Florida from up north, I’ll often ask them, “What do you miss the most about your home state?”

Invariably, they’ll say, “I miss the change of seasons.”

Today’s photo post helps me understand how they feel. We never have colorful fall leaves like folks do in the northern states. I’m sure it’s a pain, raking them up, but what a beautiful sight. The young man in the photo looks like he’s enjoying his surroundings, doesn’t he?

Okay, we don’t have red and yellow leaves carpeting our yards, but here on the island the weather’s just perfect: sunny, cool and dry. It’s about seventy degrees F this morning. I took a run yesterday and barely broke a sweat. Our doors and windows are open and I can smell the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s a typical Monday for me. I’ll write all morning, then visit the YMCA with my boyfriend for a workout, basketball and lap-swimming. Afterward, we’ll buy house paint and flowers to plant in pots on our patio. (That’s right. In Florida, we plant our flowers in November, after the weather’s cooled off.) Not an exciting day, I guess, but I’ll enjoy every minute of it.

Enjoy your Monday, everyone, wherever you are.

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