Lover boys going at it; holiday sale on Delacroix’s Cleis Press anthologies …

Hi, friends and readers:

Some lovers just can’t keep their hands off each other, can they? I think tonight’s photo post is mighty cute. What do you think? The boy on the bottom seems to be enjoying himself, doesn’t he?

I’ve published any number of stories with a San Francisco house called Cleis Press. It’s a quality publisher. My stories appear in the following anthologies: Daddies, Surfer Boys, Boy Crazy, and Skater Boys. I have another coming up in December, in Best Gay Erotica 2011. Here’s a link:

Cleis Press just informed me they’re running a 20% discount on any books ordered online between now and December 31st, so if you are craving Delacroix fiction, now might be a good time to order.

Enjoy your Thursday night, all.

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