Sexy boy in boardshorts; it’s beach weather on the island …

Hi, friends and readers:

Some guys are meant to wear boardshorts. They look so good on a young man with a trim waist and a nice butt. Like the guy in today’s photo post. Pretty sexy, eh?

I’m in the mood for the beach myself. It’s a perfect day here on the island, about 72 degrees F and sunny, with only a light breeze. Just right for a walk on the beach. I wonder if the guy in today’s photo post will be down there?

By the way, if you live up North where it’s cold, you might consider escaping to Florida’s west coast for a week, to enjoy our beautiful weather. Contrary to rumors, there are no tarballs from the BP spill on our beaches. They’re white as table sugar.

I think my boyfriend and I might take our gloves and a baseball down to the shore, to play a little pitch-and-catch. It’s a nice way to enjoy good weather. I lived  for baseball when I was a kid, and I still enjoy tossing a ball back and forth. (I know: I’ll never grow up . . . )

It’ll be an easy day for Martin: writing this morning, taking a walk on the beach with my boyfriend, watching the Packer game, maybe taking a run around four P.M. I’ll definitely watch sunset with the neighbors this evening. Intense stuff, eh?

BecomingMenFinalMedMany thanks to those of you who’ve written about my new anthology, Becoming Men. I worked very hard on the stories included in the book and I think they turned out as well as anything I’ve written during the past three years. It’s partly due to the fact I’m a more seasoned writer now. And it’s partly due to the fine editing job performed by Bryl Tyne at Noble Romance Publishing.

Thanks again, Bryl.

So far, sales of Becoming Men are brisk, but we’ll see if it eclipses my previous anthology, Boys Who Love Men, also released by Noble Romance Publishing. The latter book has sold more copies than anything I’ve written before. It’s been on the market about three months and continues to sell well.

Thanks to everyone who’s bought a copy of either book. If you haven’t read them and would like to, here’s where you can buy them, along with other Delacroix writings:

Okay, I must get busy. Enjoy this fine Sunday, everyone.

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