Another sexy guy in boardshorts; another busy day on the blog …

Hi, friends and readers:

What do you think of today’s photo post? Certain young men should wear only boardshorts, right? Okay, and maybe a hat and flip-flops as accessories, but that’s it. Like the guy in today’s post. What a body …

Looks like we’re headed for another heavy traffic day on this blog. Already I’ve had more visits than I normally do in an entire day. Welcome to any newcomers who haven’t visited before.

It’s another chilly day on the island, but at least the sun is shining and the wind is not blowing too hard. I’m afraid I stayed up too late last night, after my boyfriend and I consumed a stack of stone crab claws and another of steamed mussels. Yum-m-m. I had sweet dreams when we finally hit the sack. You know, shellfish will do that to you, right?

Today I’ll finish the final draft of my work-in-progress, tentative title Manuel Antonio. The story takes place in Costa Rica, Southern California and Florida. At 17,000 words, it has morphed into a short novel, which is fine. I’ll let it percolate till after Christmas, then submit it to one of my publishers. I really like the way it has turned out. The settings are diverse, the characters distinct and fully developed. The sex scenes are steamy, too.

Okay, after missing our Monday and Wednesday workouts, due to our surfing excursion, my boyfriend and I will visit the YMCA today for a workout, basketball, and lap-swimming. He’s working tonight; I’m not sure what I’ll be doing.

But it’s Friday, the weekend is here. Enjoy yourselves, everyone.

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