Naked boy with Christmas lights; time to buy a tree …

Hi, friends and readers:

Everyone like this morning’s photo post? Christmas lights have never been put to such good use, I’d say. The photo sure gets me in the Christmas spirit. Ho-ho-ho, indeed.

It’s the first weekend in December and that means it’s time to buy a Christmas tree. Here in Florida, it’s important tp buy your tree early and get it in water so it doesn’t dry out from the heat. Right now, it’s pretty cool outside, a little below 70 degrees F. But I’ve spent some Christmas Eves wearing shorts and a t-shirt because it’s 80 degrees outside. No kidding.

My boyfriend has the day off. This afternoon, we’ll buy our tree and a few boxes of ornaments. Some strings of lights, too. We’ll order our photo Christmas cards for mailing next week. Then, tonight, we’ll attend a friend’s housewarming party in South Tampa. It should be a fun day.

Looks like I’m having another busy day on this blog, with lots of folks already dropping by to check the posts and photos. Wherever you are, I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday. Get in the holiday spirit, everybody.

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