More lover boys in bed; “Boys Who Love Men” still selling briskly …

Hi, friends and readers:

Yesterday’s photo post was a big hit. I received a number of positive comments, and a lot of people downloaded the picture from this blog. So, I thought I’d post another one I especially like. Everybody happy? I think it’s a sweet photo. The guys are cute and the colors are vibrant.

Yesterday was also a very busy day on this blog, in terms of traffic. One of my busiest days ever. And it looks like today will be equally as busy. I guess people have more time on the weekends.

And speaking of yesterday … Around four PM I went out for a three-mile run. The weather was perfect — about 70 degrees, sunny, dry and still. No wind at all. I walked on the beach afterward. All kinds of folks were sunning themselves, and a few were even wading in the Gulf. Okay, the temperature dropped real fast once the sun set, but still … what a great day.

Good news on the publishing front: My anthology, Boys Who Love Men, continues to sell briskly at the Noble Romance Publishing, All Romance E-books and Amazon websites. It has been three months since the book released. Here’s the blurb for the book:

Boys Who Love Men offers three erotic tales, each about a young man overcoming his fears while seeking what he needs most in his life: love from an older man. Meet Jeff, a country boy yearning to escape his small town world. Get to know Sebastian, a Berlin rent boy whose brother bullies him. Learn of Nick, a disowned youth who burglarizes homes to pay his bills. And meet the men they fall in love with.
Here’s a link to the Noble Romance website if you’re interested in buying a copy:
By the way, I recently came across a web forum sponsored by some anti-child porno organization. They recently convinced Amazon to dump a book written by some guy in Arizona. The book gave advice on how to arrange sexual encounters with children. (Who would write such a book? Who would buy it?) One person who posted on the forum mentioned my book, Boys Who Love Men, as another example of books promoting sex between adults and underage kids. All I could think was, “Huh?” If this person had actually read my book he/she would know that all characters in the book are eighteen or older.
Why are there so many nutcases out there in cyberspace?
It’s a beautiful, sunny day here in west central Florida. I’ll spend my morning writing, then maybe I’ll do a bit of yard work. Our tree is trimmed, I bought most of my Christmas gifts yesterday, and our Christmas cards are ready to go out. Just think: Christmas Day is only two weeks away.
Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

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