Boy in snow; it’s cold in Florida …

Hi, friends and readers:

It doesn’t ever snow where I live in Florida, but if it did, I’d wear my favorite sweater. I came across the photo I’ve posted here this morning, and I really like it. Isn’t he cute?

It’s quite cold on the island today, but at least the sun is shining and the wind has stopped gusting to 40 MPH like I was the past two days. Maybe I’ll actually get to run a few miles outdoors this afternoon if I bundle up.

Yesterday, I received royalty statements from Noble Romance Publishing. My latest books, Becoming Men and Boys Who Love Men are doing well. But the biggest surprise is my novel, Love Quest. Published in January 2010, it still continues to sell briskly.

I think people like Love Quest because, in a sense, we can all relate to the main character, Jamie Bliss, who endures a difficult childhood in foster care, then has to cope with life on the street when he ages out of the system. His initial relationships with men are not good. He lives with a housepainter named Todd who beats Jamie, then with a drug dealer named Nate who’s both possessive and promiscuous.

Jamie has to struggle to build his self-esteem, and to build a future for himself. That’s something many of us had to do in our youth, right? I know I did.

Anyway, Love Quest is available at the Amazon and All Romance E-Books sites, but if you wish to buy a copy, please consider buying it through the Noble Romance website.

I’ll spend the morning writing, then my boyfriend and I must get domestic and clean our house; it’s getting a bit grungy. We’re baking Christmas cookies tonight (Talk about “domestic.”) and we must go to the supermarket for ingredients. Somewhere in there I want to take a run and read the paper. Where does the time go?

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone.

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